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Now, after a decade of waiting, their mammoth payday is finally on the cards.A source revealed: “Mis-teeq have only been paid half of their earnings from the last ten years. “For their biggest hit alone, Scandalous, they are owed more than £1million because of its use in an Armani advert. “The money got lost purely due to various administrative errors.However, it is always great to be able to give them a good hard kick so they roll over and give you some peace and quiet – even if just for a few minutes. When you’re married or in a relationship, those headaches become even tougher because you have greater expectations. You don’t have to sit and dwell on what the other person said, what they meant by it, or why they haven’t done something.But it’s only a matter of time before they start snoring again. While a man’s warm body is great as a defroster for your cold feet, it is not a good enough reason to have to share the bed. You have nobody to argue with, nobody to please, nobody to disrespect you and/or your time. This is by far the most invaluable reason to be thankful for being single.“There are many talented youngsters out there and producers believe it’s time to give youth a chance again.” A show source said: “We can confirm The X Factor is lowering the minimum age of application from 16 to 14.” SIMON COWELL’s four-year-old son ERIC has a few years to go yet until he can apply.LOVE Island’s CARA DE LA HOYDE and NATHAN MASSEY have split, I can reveal.There is a big battle ahead.” Mis-Teeq were a huge part of the pop and garage scene between 20.


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A so-called “administrative error” after label Telstar Records went bust in 2004 meant Alesha, SU-ELISE NASH and SABRINA WASHINGTON did not receive half of their royalties.

“They were paid the majority of the publishing side but not for the physical records and various other endeavours. “As it was so long ago now it has been difficult to find those involved with the original deals.

Miles Teller has been cast to play Efron's friend and co-worker, "who like the protag, is determined to remain single and sexually active without having to make a commitment." With Teller's casting, it sounds like it's just a matter of finding the third person to round out the trio.… continue reading »

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