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04-Jul-2017 13:28

Ninety minutes to talk, cuddle and get intimate in bed.Ninety minutes to watch their favorite wrestler, John Cena, on television.If the resident has a history of being abused, or has difficulty giving consent, then the home, the guardian and the resident should devise a “plan of care” to prevent abuse while still permitting loving relationships, she said.The key, Opheim said, is for each person to be assessed individually, rather than permitting group homes to create rules that arbitrarily apply to all residents.The physical and legal barriers are sometimes reinforced by the widely held perception that people with disabilities are “asexual,” or are too helpless to consent to intimacy, advocates say.

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The obstacles include arbitrary curfews, lack of transportation, and segregated housing that cuts them off from mainstream social life and opportunities to date.

Over hamburgers and fries, they discussed their mutual fondness for baseball, professional wrestling and books.