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08-Apr-2018 19:00

” Let him cook for you even if it means actually sitting down somewhere for a meal. How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Cancer Man: You have to offer her something without seeming to take something else away. You’ll probably meet because you look at her and think, “There’s an easy going, open, fun looking gal.” You’ve noticed how she talks to “everyone”.

Imagine your surprise to find out she’s not easy, just friendly.

If the crafty little sidler acts indifferent, he’s only buying time to make his next move.

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They quickly learn of each other’s good intentions and how to compromise gracefully. Sex: Sexual passion is the secret glue to this bond.Famous Cancer-Sagittarius Couples: Mike Tyson and Robin Givens, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Marcel cerdan and Edith Piaf, Billy Crudup and Jennifer Connellly This smokin’ hot combination is based on crude physics. Cancer wants a sure thing and Sagittarius wants to keep her options open.