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Last thing Tim Clennon is the gm puts on a great boss face and act but deep down he’s a 2 faced person that will tell you like he told me your my best Manger but yet he’ll fire you in a second so his family can keep coming in. If we boycott them I think they will get better, they are not the only restaurant in town. So I was wondering if there was a chance if you could get one in the bay city Michigan area or Caro mi area just saying. Reply I work at white castle i just started 3 days ago and only two people dont smoke weed frequently through out the shift even the managers smoke frequently if you guys do drug tests you would catch them really quick Reply I came to White Castle because someone approach me to come to White Castle saying that I can make 16.75 an hour as a manager.Reply I am a Contractor I went with my crew to buy food at 257 S Broadway, Yonkers, NY 10705. I call their corporate office, made a complaint and after that some woman name Kendra from team manager call me and told me no compensate, but do come in our store again!!!! I spend over $ 33.00 and I call again the corporate office they answer as if nothing was wrong. But really I would advise any one who reads this not to buy at their locations. We have a Facebook group trying to get you into Iowa. It’s really hard to watch “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle” when you don’t have one. Reply Really upset by alot of people here in Zanesville Ohio about white Castle. So I quit my management job and became a part of White Castles however I started out as crew they do not start you off based on experience that was a lie assistant manager starts off at 16.75 shift managers are 9.50.In drive thru (only one there in whole store), told to wait to order…7 min later, gave order of 10 burgers, med fry and med sprite. I called spoke with the manager and left my name so my burgers could be replaced upon my next visit.I returned to White Castle 1 week later and placed my usual and gave my name and the managers name that agreed to replace my burgers that I didn’t receive the previous week. Reply No white castles in my area upstate NY , grew up in Queens NY lived on WC burgers as a young man now I get my WC burgers at SAMs Club .His sister got hired as a manager no clue what she was having to ask team members. Not trying to be a whiner but it’s real hard to work with someone that tells you well I don’t know how my wife does it and gets all 5s on a survey but that’s the type of people we need.That part is true but what about everyone else that gets those 5’s and doesn’t get announced all big.

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my friends and I would get off work about 2am then go by the white castle buy a large brown bag of burgers, go to the resivoir and watch the sun come up, talk, laugh, and eat white castle burgers, GREAT memories and great burgers, when I found them here in SC I was thrilled! Don’t know what you dod to your recipe but it isn’t working for you. Second chances are the best chances for redemption and I will let no one stand between me or my job ever again.

I no call no show because I was afraid to go to work because of a manger named Kathy at store 33 in saint Louis county . The lady made rude comments about how I worked all the time even if I was standing right in front of here I was devastated I was to young to know anything about a transfer . I had a fall in front of their store on black Friday, the corporate office had sent me .00 gift certificate, I had gone to the hospital, and all because I am over 55 years old.

I talked to my boss Steve muller about it a day before but that only made her harassment worse because he had to discuss the issue among Kathy as well . I should have gotten an attorney, however I still enjoy white castle and I live across from the airport I have to visit the Lindbergh store, because I just cant believe that you guys have managers whom are never polite nor smiles.

So main part of this story is I got fired last Sat after 8 years no talk no discussion not even a offer to be a team member. Would LOVE to see you again Reply Hi , I want to know why u not in Georgia to have a White Castle here in Bremen ga .family love them up north if they any way u guys can bring this Great Hambuger place to Georgia plz do .r they any way some one start a bussiness us your hambuger me know ..

I asked how come he said cause of the last 2 times I called in for work which I did everything right 2 hours before shift and I had doctor notes. Reply I am interested in working for White Castle’s store #17 on Kenny and Henderson Roads in Columbus, Ohio.How many people spend 25 minutes in the drive thru?? Reply On April 15 17 my daughter and I went to the wc in flint on corrunna rd, she lives in Davison, I live in Lapeer, we where celebrating her birthday, got the crave case 1/2 cheese burger: 1/2 regular . Plus dollars, we had little children around eating also us adults.

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